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This is where you will find sneak peeks of my most recent sessions, monthly specials, contests to win free stuff and maybe even some personal thoughts or inspiration. I'm a natural light photographer. I love working with babies and children, but am venturing into the wedding and engagement world. This has been an incredible journey, and I hope you feel at home as I experience the joy of taking pictures. Oh, and leave a comment or two - I would love to hear from you! - Melissa


Gobs and Gobs of Chubby Goodness!

I have the chance to photograph these two gorgeous babies for the entire first year of their life. Talk about lucky! It started when they were just a few weeks old. Today, I caught them just a day shy of 4 months old. Can you believe how much they've changed? I've had a chance to watch as they change, because we happen to also attend the same church. Our kids are in the same nursery - but having the chance to photograph these beautiful babes in just their diapers with their rolls in all their glory was more than I could handle. Jack will be a football player - easily. Tay, she may not be as big as her twin brother - but she definitely could hold her own. I'm going to be honest.....I could nibble on their thighs all day long :)

But I didn't. I just kept taking pictures, with a few breaks to hold them and all their chubby goodness. Here are a few from our session today. Included, is a photo of each baby when I saw them for their last session. My, how time flies!
, Me

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Staci said...

Hey Melissa,

I just started the "finding the light workshop" and am just checking out your blog....you take amazing photos! You are an inspiration for sure! These chubby baby's are adorable...and the eyes are amazing!!!