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This is where you will find sneak peeks of my most recent sessions, monthly specials, contests to win free stuff and maybe even some personal thoughts or inspiration. I'm a natural light photographer. I love working with babies and children, but am venturing into the wedding and engagement world. This has been an incredible journey, and I hope you feel at home as I experience the joy of taking pictures. Oh, and leave a comment or two - I would love to hear from you! - Melissa


Family of 4

We've been planning this session for what seems like an eternity - Reno weather is a bit unpredictable in the spring months. So we were going from 70 degrees and sunny, to 32 and snowing, back to 70 with some wind. As luck had it, the day we had planned for ended up being gorgeous. What a relief! 3 year old C was a total charmer, and 9 month old B was gorgeous and one of those "wise" babies - you know, the ones who check out the scene, and watch and listen and crack the occasional smile. We had a great time, and I am so blessed that they would choose to allow me to capture their beautiful family for them.
, Me


Tiffany and Fawn said...

Super cute! I'm glad the weather was nice for you guys! It's been SO unpredictable lately!

Ashley Rose said...

Cutie pooties! omg, just thought of something, when your here i wanna shoot you!!!!!! seriously =)