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This is where you will find sneak peeks of my most recent sessions, monthly specials, contests to win free stuff and maybe even some personal thoughts or inspiration. I'm a natural light photographer. I love working with babies and children, but am venturing into the wedding and engagement world. This has been an incredible journey, and I hope you feel at home as I experience the joy of taking pictures. Oh, and leave a comment or two - I would love to hear from you! - Melissa


Vacations, Weddings, and Being Blessed.

I had to begin this post with this awesome picture of my daughter Olivia. I took this last week while out with my friend (and fellow photographer) Tiffany scoping out new places to take pictures. Isn't the location just gorgeous?? And what about the amazing Sierra Nevada's in the background? You'd be super surprised exactly where this is located - we both got a ton of gorgeous shots here. So fun!

My trip to Southern California is on the horizon (just 2 more weeks!), and I'm totally stoked for the seven sessions I have while I'm there. I'm doing a wide array of sessions. 8 month old, 1 month old, promotional shoot for an up-and-coming singer, two boudoirs, a 6 and 8 year old, and a 3 and 1 year old. I'm tired just writing that! So make sure and check back often the middle of June for lots of sneak peeks! In fact, I'll have my computer with me, which means I'll be doing tons of proofing while I'm in CA....might even post while I'm there.

In other good news, my very first wedding is NEXT FRIDAY! I did a location meeting with the bride this past Thursday. I'm looking very forward to the day, and am positive that not only will I get some gorgeous shots - but a lot of practice as well. This will be the first of four weddings I've booked this year. I'm also in the meeting phases with 4 other brides. Wow. I am so blessed to be considered by so many awesome woman as a photographer worthy to shoot their weddings. God is good, and answering my prayers for favor and opportunity. Please keep me in YOUR prayers as I step out into this new phase of my business. It's a tad daunting, but I am SO excited for this newest adventure.

Well, time for me to close. Thanks for checking in. I have two sessions before my trip to California, so I'll be posting those before the first week of June.

, Me

Third Grade Conversation

Photographing this girl was a total dream. She was adventurous, cooperative, and totally polite. We ran around a local park, scouting out some new little nooks to take pictures in. We talked about life as a 3rd grader, the pros and cons of having a little sister, and the insects that really scare us. It was a beautiful day, and I had a willing and beautiful model. These are two things that no photographer will ever complain about :) Thank you Miss Alyssa. I had a fabulous time with you!!

, Me

Catching up on Life!

This is about how I feel when I haven't posted for awhile. This also happens to be my overly dramatic daughter when she is upset with me for telling her no, or taking something away from her, or just generally upsetting her.

I've taken a sort of break from sessions until the beginning of June. My plate is overwhelmed with a ton of super important things, and I need to handle them all before taking on anything else in the photography field. Plus, I'll be attending an awesome workshop in Sacramento next Tuesday with a friend, and then the following week is my FIRST wedding!! Then, a week later - I'll be making the drive into Southern California, where I'll be in a wedding on the 13th of June! Surrounding this wedding, I have 7 sessions in the LA and Orange County areas - so the first and second week of June will be busy ones for me. That's why it was important for me to put a freeze on any further work this month and take care of other pending business around the house.

I took the kids out today to have a sort of "spring" session - but in true Reno fashion, the weather today was totally unpredictable and we ended up aborting it. Bummer. But the end of this week is supposed to warm into the 80's and I'm looking forward to attempting the session with my kids.

Check back soon, and I'll try and give a small update. Hope everyone is doing well, enjoying life, and having fun!

, Me