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One Fish, Two Fish

Glass Bowl.........$1.50
Two Goldfish.....$2.00
Fish Food..........$1.75
The excitement in my sons eyes over his new pets.......Priceless!

Leaving Walmart today, Lucas spotted the fish. We went over for a look, and he was enamored with them. Talking to them and calling them Nemo. I had this idea. Why not get him one. I mean, all they do is swim in their bowl. He can feed them in the morning, and have a little pet. So, I grabbed a bowl, some food, and someone to help me get a fish. Only he wanted two. "One for me. One for Livvy". So we left with two fish. One for Lucas and one for Olivia.

He calls them "Boo Boo" and yells into their bowl and wants to feed them fish food every second and just loves his new friends. Who knew two little goldfish could elicit such joy from a 2 year old.....and his mom too :)

, Me


Chrissy Padilla said...

I love the picture of Lucas on his belly on the bathroom counter. Beautiful!

alyson said...

Melissa - Love your blog and photos...especially the one fish, two fish. Heh heh.

Lucia Photography said...

sooo cute! love this set :)

Norfolk Wedding Photographer said...

This session is just awesome. Super nice.